10 Best Cysteine Rich Foods

Did you know that an amino acid called cysteine is very much essential for the human body? And how aware are you of the fact that eating a cysteine-rich food helps keep deficiencies at bay?
Cysteine has other benefits as well. But then, do you really know which foods are rich in cysteine? If you don’t, this post can help you out! Read on to know the top foods that are rich in cysteine!

 1. Milk 

Dairy milk has a high percentage of cysteine content. In fact, of all food groups milk has one of the highest percentages of cysteine. Research has shown that condensed, bottled milk contains 32% lesser cysteine when compared to normal milk (1); and fresh, raw milk has the best percentage of cysteine.
Also, mother’s milk has bonded cysteine, which makes it the perfect diet for an infant. A direct supply of cysteine is an assurance for a strong immunity.

2. Eggs 

Eggs come with their own set of benefits. Now, they also have the added advantage of featuring a key amino acid like cysteine. Next time, do not throw away the yolk as it contains high nutritional value including Vitamins B, D and iron.

3. Cheese 

When you practice the moderation mantra, cheese can come to your rescue in many ways. Swiss cheese is known to pack more than 100% cysteine. Cottage cheese is also high in cysteine content, in addition to having calcium and vitamin B12. However, the amino acid percentage is not as high in the non-fat varieties.

4. Yogurt

Another dairy product rich in cysteine is yogurt. While the packaged sweetened versions have little beneficial effect on our health, plain un-sweetened yogurt is a powerhouse of minerals, probiotics and of course, cysteine. Not only is the immunity better, one can also benefit from an improved digestive system.

5. Chicken 

Moving on from breakfast items, cysteine has a strong presence in poultry sources of diet. From turkey and goose to chicken, poultry-based food preparations are filled with proteins and cysteine. A mere 100 grams of chicken will complete your daily allowance of cysteine in the diet.

6. Broccoli :

As a green vegetable, broccoli is a must in everyone’s diets. It brings a host of advantages to our health such as detoxification, cholesterol regulation and providing with anti-inflammatory properties. Along with vitamins A, C, potassium, phosphorous, riboflavin and biotin, broccoli also has the added advantage of cysteine.

7. Onion

Onions bring flavor to our food and also add strength to our bodies. They work by reducing high sugar levels in the body and protect the heart. Onions have a good percentage of cysteine content, which in a research, proved to help maintain blood sugar levels. Cysteine isolated from onions has particularly been observed to have antioxidant and antidiabetic effects (2).

8. Garlic :

Garlic is one of the frequently used ingredients in many home remedies. It is also an integral part of our diet. Garlic is an amazing antioxidant and immunity booster. Its properties can effectively protect against free radical damage, as garlic is a good dietary source of cysteine (3). Needless to say, curing cold sores and pimples is a cakewalk when you are armed with this.

9. Grains And Peppers 

Red peppers are a good source of cysteine, as are various grains and sprouts. These sources are ideal for vegetarians. Several types of whole grains and legumes, particularly those that are cooked, are high in cysteine. Soybeans are a low-cholesterol, high cysteine snack that you can include in your diet.

10. Oats :

Similarly, oats are high in cysteine content, making it a great way to add some fiber along with nutrition. Oats have other helpful properties that aid our bodies to fight cancer. Overall, they are a healthy proposition.
An amino acid such as cysteine performs an amazing function helping build our body’s defenses. So, let’s make the effort to eat right too. And do tell us how this post has helped you. Please comment in the box below!